Are equal pays for remote employees a good idea?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Should remote employees be paid Silicon Valley salaries regardless of where they live? Some big brands are considering (or rolling out) such policies, and others debate whether or not it makes sense. I’ve recently had several conversations around this topic with engineers and managers, and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus for it. HereContinue reading “Are equal pays for remote employees a good idea?”

(Un)remote Retreat 2020: Exploring Brodnica Lakeland

Reading Time: 4 minutes Note: I originally posted this article on 11Sigma blog. 2020 was (and still is, when I’m writing it) a weird year. Most of us spend several months in lockdown isolation. For a team of people who love to travel, it was undoubtedly a new experience. It was also the first year when we finally gotContinue reading “(Un)remote Retreat 2020: Exploring Brodnica Lakeland”