The Exciting Journey of Building in Public: 3 Innovative Projects and the AI Tools We’re Using

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TL;DR: We're working on three groundbreaking projects:, RadConnect, and AI courses for businesses. And, we're leveraging powerful AI tools that are revolutionizing our workflow. Want to know the secrets behind our progress and the AI tools we're using? Keep reading! 😉👇


Building in public has been a thrilling and rewarding experience, allowing us to share our progress, learn from the community, and stay accountable to our goals. In this article, I'll be giving you an in-depth look at the three projects we've been working on and the AI tools that have been instrumental in our journey. Empowering Managers and Executives with AI is an AI-powered platform designed to help managers and individual contributors improve their performance, well-being, and coaching skills. We've been conducting market research and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback, as well as valuable feature suggestions from our target audience.

Our focus has been on designing the most important screens: employee profile and dashboard. We envision as a powerful tool that will co-pilot managers in their daily tasks, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and foster a values-driven leadership style.

One piece of interesting feedback we received was the need for executives to have a unified view of company health and improved communication between them. This insight helped us understand the importance of tracking adherence to company values and promoting a culture of open communication.

RadConnect: Revolutionizing Radiology with AI

In collaboration with Jakub Miąskowski, a medical doctor, we're exploring the radiology domain and working on a project codenamed RadConnect. Our goal is to address problems within the radiology industry and leverage the power of AI to make a difference.

We're currently in the ideation and market research phase, during which we've identified the main pain points, key players in the market, potential blockers, and entry barriers. Our idea consists of three pillars, each of which could potentially become a separate project:

  • A "stock exchange" of images needing diagnosis for doctors and medical organizations

  • AI-supported structured image description

  • Education and collaboration platform

We're also actively exploring funding options, with promising opportunities like EIT Jumpstarter, EIT Health, and cascade grants. Kudos to Jaroslaw Parzuchowski and Konrad Komnata for inspirational conversations and sharing their experience and knowledge.

AI Courses for Business

We're excited to announce our work on an online and onsite course for businesses, designed to help them harness the power of AI in their operations. We've already reached out to potential lecturers and partners and have created a complete outline of the course.

The Power of AI in Our Workflow

The reason we're able to work on multiple projects simultaneously is the efficiency gains we achieve through AI tools. Here are some AI tools we've been using and discovering recently:

  • AutoGPT: An experimental tool that wraps GPT and runs AI autonomously for a given goal

  • Prime Voice AI: Realistic and versatile AI speech software for storytelling

  • Merlin: A GPT-based Chrome plugin that provides ChatGPT responses on various sites for productivity enhancement

  • Pinecone: A vector database for building high-performance vector search applications

  • The AI Valley Newsletter: A great source for the latest AI news and insights


Our journey of building in public continues to be an exciting and rewarding experience. We're grateful for the support and engagement from our audience, and we can't wait to share more updates with you in the future. Stay tuned for more innovations!

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